Your Fishing Experience

“Like no other place on Earth.” Every year, we hear this expression from the many successful fishermen who visit Lac La Martre Adventures and we never get tired of it!”

  • People come here from all over the world for one reason – the fly-in fishing! Many guests are drawn here to catch the biggest fish of their lives and many will book return trips for the following year before they leave. If that isn’t the testament of a satisfied fisherman, then we don’t know what is!
  • Trophy northern pike, big fat lake trout, and Arctic grayling are the monster prizes in Lac La Martre. You will have the opportunity to test your skills in waters not many ever receive the opportunity to fish.
  • Imagine a 1,000 sq. mile lake that doesn’t see more than 200 fishermen a year. Dream of catching monster fish while searching the shores for wildlife and enjoying the beauty of the Canadian North. This remote experience awaits you at Lac La Martre Adventures.

  • All the fish you catch will be from Lac La Martre, which is strictly catch and release. We ask that our guests use barbless hooks and at least a 30lb test line.
  • Trophy northern pike are plentiful to say the least and are usually caught by casting into the weeds or sight-casting. Once they hit, the rumble begins! You fight the fish and smile for the photos and we’ll handle the rest!
  • Big fat trophy lake trout are caught by casting or trolling in the crystal clear, open waters of Lac La Martre. At its deepest, the lake is 65 feet, but most of the open water is less than 30 feet deep which eliminates the need for downriggers.
  • Arctic grayling fishing is a great change of pace and requires a day trip to the river on the south end of the lake. Yes, Lac La Martre is truly “like no place on Earth.”