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Are you interested in booking your own Lac La Martre adventure? If you haven’t completely made the decision, then take a look at these testimonials from our satisfied visitors. When it comes to trout and pike fishing in Canada, there are few places that beat our location. Many of these fishing enthusiasts had a wonderful time fishing for monster pike and lake trout. Read the stories and we are confident that you’ll have no problem booking a northern pike fishing trip.

Contact us today to learn more about our trout and northern pike fishing trip opportunities. This is a rare opportunity that you won’t find anywhere else. Additionally, we want you to share your testimonials about fishing for monster pike and lake trout at Lac La Martre. We know that you’ll love going fishing with us. You’ll never have another adventure going pike fishing in Canada like this one!

I’ve been visiting fishing camps in Canada for quite awhile now. 2011 marked my 36th year of going to Canadian fishing camps. Many of those years, I managed multiple trips, most often to different camps. I enjoy the challenge of new water and because of this I have seen a lot of different conditions, different types of water, and of course lots of big fish of several different species. But it has been pike that received the most of my attention and I’m always on the hunt for the best locations in which to catch the largest pike possible.

Every so often, a fishing location shows itself to be something special. A place out of the ordinary, where something unique exists. I first fished this lake back in ’02 and both Mary and I were impressed. Mary caught her all tackle record blue pike on that trip. This trip just reaffirmed the opinion I had of this lake to begin with. And it all came to light in July of 2011, when I joined Pete and Tex Maina in the Northwest Territories for a week of pike fishing and to film for Pete’s TV show, The Next Bite.

The lake we visited is named Lac La Marte and it is special indeed. Yes, the lake contains a great population of large pike, but there are many spots with big pike. No, it is the color of the water, or the lack of it, that makes this lake so special. The water in this lake is among the clearest I’ve ever seen in all my years of fishing pike lakes in Canada. In some of the bays the water looked to be as clear as tap water. We could spot weedbeds from a long ways off, even though the weeds had barely started to grow at the time. Pike were also easy to spot, and there were a lot of them to look at.

Jack Penny

Renowned pike fisherman

I wanted to express my thanks for this year’s trip. Everything was great. The accommodations, the food, my guide, the scenery, and of course the fishing!

This was, without a doubt, my best fishing trip yet. When your muscles ache from reeling in 20+ pounders, it was a good day! In my six days of fishing EVERY day was a success! I had 18 fish over 20 lbs; 14 Trout, including 2 over 30 lbs, and 4 Pike, including one 25 pounder, in addition to a number of Grayling (and I can’t even begin to count the 16-19 pound Pike and Trout).

With success like this, I don’t need to go back to an Outdoor’s Show. My list of places to go starts and ends with Lac La Martre. You have what I want. Looking forward to my 2011 trip!


Just wanted to tell you guys thanks for an excellent week of fishing. On the second day of my trip I was ecstatic about catching my first pike over 20 Lbs (20lb 8oz) after being very close a number of times on 9-10 previous trips to different lodges (most advertising their awesome pike fishing). My excitement was somewhat tempered when I saw the list of pike over 20lbs caught and released, grow rapidly day by day, including 6 or more 25lb or over. I guess I will have to come back and get a 25+ pounder myself. 🙂

I was very surprised by the quality of the Lake Trout fishing. About 8 of my past trips were to places saying they had “trophy Lake Trout fishing”. I experienced fishing like I had this week only once in those 8 trips.

I expected good to mediocre trout fishing (based on the lakes size and lack of deep water) and excellent pike fishing (the website certainly markets that). What I got was excellent Lake Trout fishing and KILLER pike fishing. All I can say is wow, and look forward to returning again to further explore Lac La Martre.

Ted Fahrenthold