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Meet the Owners of our

Fly-In Fishing Lodge

As the owners of LLM we are excited about our fly-in fishing and are committed to providing Lac La Martre Lodge to provide guests with a smooth-running, memorable, and remarkable first-rate fishing trip.

Our newly renovated cabins come equipped with full bathrooms, so guests can fully relax after a long day of pike fishing in Canada. We have a strict catch and release policy so all of our visitors can enjoy the thrill of reeling in larger than life lake trout and more! As the owners of this remarkable experience, we strive to give our guests the best fly-in fishing experience imaginable.

Attracting both serious and leisurely fishermen alike, Lac La Martre truly offers the best pike fishing in Canada. If you’re dying to catch some monster lake trout, pike, and grayling, call or email us today in order to reserve your stay and enjoy the fishing trip of a lifetime!

Greg Dussome – Alberta, Canada

An already well established Alberta Big Game Outfitter, Greg has previously guided fishermen at Lac La Martre for several years. He has gained the respect of the clientele through his knowledge and expertise in finding and landing the big ones for guests. He will be the lodge manager and will also do some guiding!

Dave Thompson – Michigan, U.S.A.

A successful, international entrepreneur, Dave’s love of fishing has inspired him to get involved in what he considers “world class fishing”! His knowledge and successful track record in business will enhance what is inevitably going to be the most successful fishing lodge for serious fishermen in North America. He will also be our US Sales Director!

Tlicho Investment Corporation
Northwest Territories, Canada

The Tlicho Investment Corporation, in conjunction with members of the Whati Village, are an exciting and welcomed addition to rounding out this partnership. Since its existence, they have shared their culture with Lac La Martre guests. The villagers from Whati, located at the south end of Lac La Martre, possess invaluable knowledge of the lake as well as being an integral part of the NWT’s heritage. They provide an additional cultural element for our guests.

*We feel the combined efforts of this partnership will undoubtedly provide the avid fisherman with the best fishing trip of his life.