Frequently Asked Questions

Fly-In Fishing Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really expect to catch fish over 20 pounds?
Yes. Most years, only two or three people who fish with us do not get fish over 20 pounds.
How big is a 20 pound pike?
Most of our monster pike that are 20 pounds or larger will be about 45 inches or more in length.
Are there any fly outs?
No. All the fly-in fishing we do is on Lac La Martre with no need for expensive additional flights to other locations.
Can I take trophy fish home with me?
We apologize, but not one is allowed to take any fish home with them. We practice strict catch and release at our fly-in fishing location. Due to the cold water and short growing season, our monster pike and lake trout take a very long time to get to trophy size. We do, however, allow you to take fish less than 10 pounds for shore lunch each day.
How many fish can I expect to catch each day?
As with any sport, it is difficult to make such predictions. However, 20 to 25 lake trout, pike, and/or grayling is usually a slow day and many fishermen find they catch more large fish on average than at any other lodge they’ve fished at in the past. Our guests average over 600 20 pound fish each season.