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at Lac La Martre

Accommodations for our Pike Fishing in Canada

All of our cabins are now available will full bathrooms! 

One of our carpeted, comfortable cabins – with heat, electricity, and a full bathroom – will easily fit two to four people from your fly-in fishing party. Our cabins come stocked with all the bedding (pillows, pillow cases, sheets, and blankets), towels, and washcloths that you’ll ever need on your trip.

Chances are you will nestle into your bed reflecting on the day’s adventure of pike fishing in Canada. Your mind will linger on the stunning wildlife you saw, the fresh lake trout you had cooked over an open fire, and the new friends you’ve made on your fly-in fishing journey. Your arms may be sore from fighting to reel in lake trout others can only dream of, but the memory of the trophies you were able to earn would surely put a smile on any fisherman’s face! The natural sounds of our magnificent lake along with the extraordinary beauty of the vast northern sky will ease everyone in your cabin into a good night’s rest and bring them dreams of even more exciting pike fishing in Canada tomorrow.

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